From grandma, Elizabeth Ghenvhu Hunkonnu to daughter Aisi Mary Nudewhenu (Iya Ayo as many in the Makoko neighbourhood call her) to granddaughter Ayomikun Nudewhenu Deborah Pendo, is the story of three generations and a girl-child changing the status quo as a trailblazer for the ones to come.

Grandma Elizabeth moved to Lagos 54years ago, from the Benin Republic with her husband who passed on in 2017. With 8 children, she sold fish to survive in Lagos and support her large family. Now a well known and respected businesswoman in the Makoko community, a slum in Lagos along the 3rd mainland…

Oscar Olotuche x Mabel Echewune

By: @penprojectng

In December 2019, a novel disease showed up in Wuhan, China named Coronavirus.

It was a disease whose source was highly disputed as some claimed. it is gotten from bats while others alleged it was a laboratory generation. Whichever is the case, the sickness changed the World in ways that this generation has never seen before. Schools, churches, mosques, flights, hotels, and every form of public gatherings were put to a halt. It was more like the world was at a standstill.

Covid-19 in Africa.

The virus got imported to Africa and based on the…

What other love story does a girl desire to tell, other than the one that happened on a Sunday morning of a raining season in August. My favorite season of the year. This very week it rained every day from Monday to the weekend. It was a cozy Sunday morning, with a very heavy downpour in the early hours of the morning. A few drops of water that splashed on my face from my open window woke me up way before the 4 am alarm I’d labeled “I must be in church by 6 am” rang.

Credit: @maaruf.jpeg

Whoop whoop! I made…

“Car to the Future” Photoshoot with the Amazing Duo

“It is more important to click with your subject than to click the shutter.”

Image by Mabel Echewune

May 27th is that time of the year when Banks, NGOs, Government Agencies and political aspirants create content to join the trendy conversation on social media for the Children’s Day celebration to promote their businesses and political agenda. …

Transitioning into a think tank and an information hub, with the distinct goal of informing the everyday citizen on the status of the public education system.

Mabel Echewune

The Read2Succeed (R2S) Club was launched five years ago as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program with the singular goal of promoting a reading culture in public primary schools. At inception, its founders committed to devoting an hour a week of their time to reading poems, short stories and teaching African History to Primary 6 (six) students, ending each session with an energetic chant, “When we read, we succeed!”.

At the early…

Mabel Echewune

Helpless Romantic. Visual Storyteller. Traveler. Global Shaper . Full of God’s grace.

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